01. The prisoners were [confined] to their cells after an inmate was found murdered.
02. A medical team has successfully [confined] the disease to one village.
03. At the present time, the conflict seems to be [confined] to the area around the Palestinian village of Hebron.
04. The soldiers have been [confined] to their barracks while the investigation takes place.
05. The movie was filmed entirely within the [confines] of a local amusement park.
06. The child killer was being kept in solitary [confinement] for his own protection.
07. Studies have shown that child abuse is not [confined] to any particular social or economic class of society.
08. Despite his years of [confinement] in a prisoner-of-war camp, the old man always had a positive view of life.
09. Studies show that the importance of peer relations is not [confined] to human beings.
10. Some animals in factory farms spend their lives [confined] to concrete stalls and metal cages, terrified and suffering in such unnatural conditions.
11. The gas that surrounds a star acts as a blanket that [confines] the star's internal heat.
12. Vladislav has been [confined] to a wheelchair since his car accident 5 years ago.
13. There is a Chinese proverb which states: "Do not [confine] your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time."
14. Louisa May Alcott once said, "My definition of a philosopher is of a man up in a balloon, with his family and friends holding the ropes which [confine] him to Earth, and trying to haul him down."
15. Mark Twain once said, "I am not one of those who in expressing opinions [confine] themselves to facts."
16. Economic activity in Mali is mainly [confined] to the area irrigated by the Niger River.
17. In traditional Korean society, women's roles were [confined] to the home.
18. H. Douglas Brown has noted that few if any people achieve fluency in a foreign language solely within the [confines] of the classroom.
19. [Confining] the patient to bed will only make it harder for her to get her strength back. She needs to be up and walking around as soon after the operation as possible.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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